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About Us


Enchanted Wildcraft specializes in crafting unique essential oil blends, coconut soy candles, wild clothing designs and more.  Each eco-friendly product is inspired by ancient mysteries, nature and the old ways while nurturing the pollinators, plants and people.

A female owned small business dedicated to bringing you high quality artisan goods that are mindfully crafted in small batches with non-toxic ingredients for maximum freshness.  Each product is the result of hours (sometimes years!) of research, history, testing and feedback from willing human volunteers.  

The shop began as a way to share enchanting products with the hope of revitalizing the joy and magic that sometimes gets forgotten under our daily stresses and mindless routines.

This store is designed to delight the senses and invoke a fantastical experience of shopping in a fairytale-like market of curious items and potent potions.  So, friends, please pour yourself your favorite beverage and welcome to our wild and delightful shop.


- Rain, Founder of Enchanted Wildcraft, LLC 


Rain Rezendes is a wild crafter and creator of enchanting things to bring about joy and delight in our interconnection. A nature lover with a Bachelor of Science, she has studied biology, botany, herbalism, astronomy and aromatherapy for over 25 years.  She is passionate about researching historical recipes, folk medicine and the lore behind each ingredient.  With a strangely keen sense of smell, she is enthralled by the powerful connection between scent and memory.  She lives in the Oregon wilderness with her family and two dogs.  


Photography & Copy note:  Photos and all written text on this website are by Rain, unless otherwise stated.  No one is permitted to share text or photography without credit (tagging social media accounts, linking back to this website) and nothing may be reproduced or shared for profit.