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Essential Oil FAQs & The Goddess Oil Collection

Posted by Rain on Mar 3rd 2022

Essential Oil FAQs & The Goddess Oil Collection

Essential Oil FAQs

Over the years I've received many questions regarding essential oils that I'd like to share with you. I'll keep this short and sweet without getting too much into the wonderful world of plant magic and the scientific studies on aromatherapy since that would turn this blog into a book plus I have an announcement about the Goddess Collection to get to!


Where do you source your oils and are they all organic?

While I have a handful of sources depending on availability and quality, I primarily source the essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy. Both companies are known for high quality, purity and rigorous third party testing. My preference is to purchase certified organic oils, however this is not always possible especially if they are made from wildcrafted plants and while they are not chemically treated, they also cannot be certified. My blends are not certified organic, although some may be made with all organic ingredients, the certification is a difficult and very expensive process that I may reconsider again in the future.

Are all of your blends safe to apply directly to the skin and safe for pets?

Yes, all of my oil blends are safe to apply directly to the skin. This is because they are diluted in a carrier oil such as jojoba or fractionated coconut oil, although dilution percentages vary from 3% for very strong oils such as cinnamon to 10% for certain oils that are not as potent such as tea tree oil. It is best to consult with a veterinarian regarding the safety of essential oils and pets. I like to play it safe and do not recommend applying oils (even diluted) directly to a pets skin or fur. Using them on yourself should not cause any negative issues with our sweet, aroma sensitive beings. It would be rare if your pet had any sort of reaction to a diluted blend, but it would be best to open a window for air flow and/or discontinue use.

I want to make my own blends similar to yours, can you share some of your recipes and tips on how to get started?

I encourage everyone interested in learning about aromatherapy to start with the basics of blending oils and there are many books and online resources out there. I have been studying aromatherapy and tweaking my blends for decades and they are proprietary recipes that I do not share. Two of the best tips I can give you are to use properly sanitized equipment to avoid contamination and bacteria and to store your oils in a cool, dark place.

I've purchased the same oil for many years now and sometimes it smells different, why is that?

This is a great question and one that cannot be easily explained. It could be something as simple as needing to shake the bottle if it's been sitting for a while so that the oils are evenly distributed. Or, sometimes oils react with our own body oils differently at times and a blend that is used on one person may not smell the same on another. Generally, my formulas do not change dramatically, and I would announce it or just use a different name.

Those seem to be the most common questions, but if you have any others, please don't hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that since I am not a doctor that I cannot give any medical advice.

Ok... so now for the fun stuff!! I'm delighted to announce some new blends to the Goddess Collection, please see the descriptions below! The Goddess Collection began with one of my all-time favorite blends, Rhiannon many years ago and she is still my go to evening wear... plus that little bit of patchouli reminds me of my formative years when I was coming into my own free spirit, nature loving goth essence in the early 90s.

  The Goddess Collection

 Cosmic Love oil is inspired by Venus and Aphrodite, it embodies the pure sensuality of night blooming flowers in a rain of rose petals. A subtle blend of floral scents, ethereal yet passionate in character with iris, rose and jasmine notes balanced with sandalwood. A harmonious combination that suggests grace, love and kindness.

 Fortuna oil is full of abundance, a magical stroll through a luxurious springtime garden. It opens with fresh notes of citrus and then blooms with white rose and cherry blossoms with the woodsy finish of myrrh and amber.

 Hecate (Hekate) oil is a powerful brew of black currant swirling around waves of patchouli and rosewood conjuring ancient memories of healing witchcraft rituals under moonlight with fresh herbs gathered from secret groves.

 Lady of the Crows (The Morrigan) is complex with both earthy notes of cedar and light herbal notes associated with protection and strength. She is the Irish Morrigan, an earth goddess, a bird goddess, Goddess of Death and Guardian of the Dead. The early Celtic representations show her with a bird’s head (often a crow, raven or vulture) and breasts and three lines depicting the energy of a triple goddess, a shape shifter or a three-part person.

 Night Queen Sorceress oil is royal yet gritty, she’s beautiful yet wild and she rules the night with strength and power. An alluring potion containing valerian brewing in a cauldron summoning you to sleep while awakening your other senses as you dream of flying above a field of wildflowers. A goddess known by many names; Nótt, Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Nyx, Lilith, Rhiannon, Hecate, Cerridwen, Hina Hine, etc...

 Rhiannon is made in honor of the Goddess Rhiannon (and my favorite Stevie Nicks song!), her aroma is earthy and deep with notes of patchouli, yet ethereal and soothing with gentle waves of neroli. Stroll through the white roses at the edge of the garden and into the dark forest where the wild things are with the strength and confidence of her aroma.

The Seductress is known by many names; Suada, Peitho, Xochiquetzal, Astarte, Bastet, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Freyja, Venus, Oshun.... Conjuring the passionate rhythm of lust and the irresistible charm of sweet orange zest alluring the senses with waves of opium and cinnamon.

 Sun Goddess shines and radiates bright citrus notes with the majestic scent of frankincense. Worshipped by many cultures and known as Re, Sol, Amaterasu, Päivätär, Arinna, Sunna, etc...

You can find all of these magical blends here!

Be well, Loves!