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Full Moon Bath Ritual & Recipe

Posted by Rain on Oct 22nd 2019

Full Moon Bath Ritual & Recipe

    * Grounding * Release * Intuition *

There is something enchanting and mysterious about the days surrounding the Full Moon. Not only is the history and lore of the Full Moon interesting, but there are numerous ancient cultures who practice ceremonies and rituals to honor it. Since the Full Moon usually coincides with my Moontime, I love to take this time to relax, rejuvenate and re-energize. Water is also an amazing amplifier and this bath ritual is designed to leave you feeling invigorated and connected with the Universe.

As with any ritual, feel free to substitute the ingredients for things you have on hand. I recommend purchasing the Epsom salts from your local retailer. You can also find the herbs & flowers here and the Full Moon oil here.

ull Moon Bath Ritual

Ingredients & Materials:

1-2 c. Epsom salts

½ c. Himalayan Pink Salts

1 T Passionflower

1 T Chamomile

1 T Wild Marjoram

½ c. Moon Water

15 drops Full Moon oil


Prepare your space to your liking with candles, incense, music, etc... For easy clean up, place the flowers in a muslin bag or cheesecloth. Draw a hot bath and add the Epsom salts and other ingredients to the tub aand plan to soak for at least 20 minutes.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths. If you are lucky enough to be able to see the Moon through your window, gaze upon it or visualize it. Invoke a Moon Goddess such as Selene or invite the Moon to be with you and feel her energy.

With each inhalation, imagine being filled with glittering Moonbeams and with each exhalation, imagine breathing out any negativity or thoughts that do not suit you. Feel the healing power of the beautiful silver rays as you invite them in. Become aware of the strength and power rising within you. Feel the sweet, comforting embrace of the Moon Goddesses as they bless you and fill you with energy and glittering light. Allow the water to rejuvenate and nourish you. Listen to your heartbeat as it aligns with the pulse of the Moon and the Universe. Stay here for as long as needed until you feel rejuvenated.

When the time is right, arise and send gratitude to the Moon Goddesses. Close with drying off or move on to a different part of your ritual. Anoint yourself and moisturize your body with the Full Moon oil or favorite lotion. Write down any thoughts or feelings that may have come up for you. Continue to honor the Moon by sharing your light with others. 

To experience a different, handcrafted amethyst crystal infused Full Moon potion and ritual, see the listing here.

Bright Moon Blessings!