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Crystal Moon Potion Bottle

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Antique glass bottle decorated with quartz and amethyst crystals and galaxy inspired paint.
Celestial Galaxy Bottle Witches Apothecary with see through Quartz Crystal.  
Perfect for making Moon Water.  This is a real antique bottle and while I did my best to clean it with soap and vinegar, the inside may still have some residue from age.  One side has a pyramid shaped opaque quartz crystal and the other side is completely see through with 3 tiny amethyst crystals at the top of the opening allowing the moonlight in.  The top is embellished with an amethyst sphere and cubic zirconium diamond.
She's my favorite bottle creation so far and the pictures don't do her justice, but I tried to capture her beauty in different lighting so you could have a better picture.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review