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Nocturnal Collection Botanical Essential Oil Potions

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Product Overview

Made with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic carrier oils, these unique botanical ritual body oils are witchcrafted in small batches using traditional and family alchemistic recipes, arcane methodologies and positive intention.

Choose from 4 sizes:

2 ml sample size brown glass bottle (40 drops). Measures 1" tall, approximately 1/3 the size of a chap stick tube.

3 ml decorative silver filigree bottle (60 drops). Measures 1" x 2" tall.

10 ml cobalt glass roller (200 drops). Measures 3.2” tall.

1 oz (30 ml) cobalt glass dropper bottle (600 drops). Measures 1.2" x 4" tall.

Nocturnal Collection

Absinthe & Alchemy oil is a transformational oil inspired by the Green Fairy. Refined and feminine, this scent possesses a blend of Parisian flower blossom notes with soft & sweet spices to engage an alchemy of the senses.

Bioluminessence oil is inspired by the glow worm caves of New Zealand with both dark amber mysterious notes and the radiance of a faint floral aura. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism such as a firefly and many sea creatures.

Conjure oil is earthy and powerful and a bit disconcerting. A grove of redwoods, a circle of stones, an owl, a fire pit with bits of lace and tattered pages of an ancient alchemy book with a faint aroma of juniper berries, cedar and something familiar that you can't quite place...

Curse Reverse invokes an ancient ritual of dance, fire and protection. Secret mirrors are uncovered returning ill wishes and words back to the sender with the breath of the wind amidst notes of fallen leaves and cedar.

Dark Forest takes you through the lesser traveled paths of the enchanted forest where the moss whispers like spiderwebs and unseen creatures hide under ferns. The path is damp and fills your senses with the earthy, mysterious scent of an old growth sequoia forest with a hint of herbs and patchouli.

Full Moon oil is a quiet stroll through a moonlit path in an enchanted forest where night blooming jasmine adorning an abandoned cottage wafts through the air and its vines reach out to tangle your hair while the tree limbs beckon you to listen.

Goblin King weaves together a magical spell of rosewood and jasmine into a labyrinth of clary sage and oud.

Haunted Desk opens with the familiar scent of old books and cinnamon with an exotic collection of bones, mysterious potions and half empty cups of tea. Strange poems and stories appear half written despite dried up ink wells, the missing words hidden in wallpaper whispers.

Murder in the Observatory has a hint of tobacco and juniper dripping into the deep, sticky resin blood of myrrh on a stained green carpet.

Red Velvet & Arsenic is a dangerous combination of warm spice notes, sultry rose petals and tiny poisonous cakes.

Spirits of the Dead (Death Moth) is the warmth of ghostly ancestors with a depth of decaying autumn leaves and rich compost for strength in grief and mourning for the dead. A leisurely walk amongst old crumbling gravestones in the fall with the comforting aroma of hot spiced cider.

Strange Little Things oil creeps in between the ferns and trillium flowers leaving behind haunting traces of fir needles and cherry blossoms dusting the skin with a peculiar charm.


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    Posted by Holly via Etsy on Dec 30th 2022

    Smells outrageous yum yum I love this smell, I'll be back